• November 29, 2017

    Chicago Daily Herald article on Del Breckenfeld

    This article originally appeared in the Chicago Daily Herald here

    Glenview native a teacher, rocker, guitar maker
    by Jamie Sotonoff and Dann Gire

    Del Breckenfeld’s long and winding music career took him from suburban guitar teacher to rocker to guitar designer.

    And the Glenview native has accumulated some great stories along the way — like the time ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons sent him and fellow designers a box of fur and wanted guitars covered in it.

    “Then he said, ‘I want to make them spin, ha ha ha!’ We were laughing, but we were thinking, ‘Spinning guitars?’

    “We did it, and they used them on MTV,” Breckenfeld said, referring to ZZ Top’s 1983 “Legs” video. The guitars would become one of the band’s iconic visuals.

    “The beauty of that instrument … it’s the most personal thing you can ever imagine. That’s their tool of the trade,” Breckenfeld said.

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  • April 21, 2017

    Cash Legacy

    Our Chief Amplifier, Del Breckenfeld, was honored to be asked by the president of the Riverside International Film Festival to present its 2017 Legacy Award to Bill Miller. Bill also accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award for Johnny Cash. Del and Bill worked closely together on the Fender Museum in Corona, CA, showcasing Bill’s extensive collection of Johnny Cash Memorabilia now housed in his Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville. Amplify’s Music Depot LA division has also loaned the Cash Museum props that were featured in the movie “Walk the Line”, which are authentic reproductions of the actual instruments used by Cash’s and Elvis Presley’s bands.