May 27, 2016


My good friend and riding buddy Tony Gauthier introduced me to his friend Bob who owns an automotive repair shop and has so many cool collectables including several vintage pedal cars. I rode my Triumph Bonnie out to the shop today. But for me, the centerpiece is the larger than life statue of the Chicago Blackhawks’ legendary Stan Makita which was featured in “Wayne’s World.” My connection is that I provided “Wayne’s” white Washburn guitar for his Saturday Night Live segments and the movie and movie poster. But much more important, I grew up in Chicago idolizing Makita because he was Czech like me and my size so he allowed me to dream that I could make the NHL. I had a friend named Charlie Brown (honestly) and one time I was driving for a goal and exclaimed “Breck the Czech moving in for a score”, except Charlie checked me so hard that I was propelled into a snow bank (we played on a farmer’s frozen pond). Charlie yelled out, “More like Breck the cancelled Czech!” So much for NHL dreams! Long live Stan!

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