January 25, 2017

Music & Film

Just getting my voice back from the past three weeks making stops at the Palm Springs and Idyllwild Film Festivals followed by the annual music industry gatherings in Anaheim at NAMM. What I love most about these events is connecting with old and new friends alike. Had the pleasure to sit at the Idyllwild festival awards show with the lovely Ann Archer (Academy Award Nominee for Fatal Attraction). At NAMM, I ran into one of my very favorite ex-Fender co-workers, Brian Tedeschi, who I have not seen since we both left the same day two years ago. One of the funniest and most talented person I know and seeing him made me realize again how I miss my old Fender family. But I also love working with people at my new company Amplify Entertainment Marketing. At the Gibson VIP party, my partner Bob Lundblad and I were introduced by our “Girl Wonder” Lani Sarem to her friend Thomas Ian Nicholas, a star of the American Pie franchise and Rookie of the Year. We talked about Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo, when the team was down 3-1, would only let Rookie of the Year play on the video screens in their locker room because in the movie, the Cubs win the World Series – I guess life sometimes does imitate art!

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