May 10, 2016

RIFF 2016

I was so honored to be asked to present the Riverside International Film Festival’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Jimi Hendrix to his sister Janie. I have worked on many great projects with her over the years including the Hard Rock Cafe’s Artist 29 Series Hendrix T-Shirt and lapel pin program which raised over $1.5 million for the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation and through Janie’s generous support, music education programs through the Fender Music Foundation which Janie and I are both on the board of. Janie fittingly also received the Festival’s 2016 Legacy Award for her dedication in protecting and promoting her brother’s music and legacy for generations to come. I saw Jimi perform at the Civic Opera House in Chicago during his first tour with US. It was my first big concert and even then, I thought I would never see anyone this incredible again – and as I said during my intro to Janie – I never did! I also got to show Janie a poster for my daughter Holly’s School of Rock (in Oak Park, IL) tribute concert to Jimi Hendrix that I attended last week. I was excited to share with Janie that so many of the students, even the youngest, still regard Jimi as the greatest of all time – a testament to his talent, and Janie’s fostering of his legacy.

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