Exhibit Development

As an extension of our entertainment marketing and charitable programs, Amplify has the honor of working with renowned museums, collectors and artists to develop music and lifestyle special projects.  We combine many years of internal expertise along with strategic and trusted partnerships to provide a full-range of services including research, curation of artifacts, appraisals and creative development of highly regarded exhibits.

Beyond the logistical aspects of exhibit development, Amplify helps with marketing, promotion, sponsorship and licensing opportunities that can be custom designed around each project.  A recent example is Amplify’s consulting and curation of artifacts in the Walk, Don’t Run: 60 Years of The Ventures exhibit at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

In addition to developing exhibits, our team consults on TV & Film projects that require historical and/or custom-made instruments and props to be period-correct and accurate to a particular artist, venue or performance.  A prime example is Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Amplify team also has experience doing inventory and cataloging of items, ranging from in depth research on one-of-a-kind pieces up to organizing thousands of items housed under one roof.  This work helps further quantify and position the collections for proper appraisal, which in turn helps with developing a plan for insuring, donating or selling to qualified partners or buyers.